Feeding you,
feeding others.

The meal delivery service that gives back to your community.  UPDATE - As of June 4th Two Plates will be focusing on the "Feeding Others" side of the business. Online commercial ordering has been discontinuted for the time being.

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How it Works

Order what you want.

Our expert chefs design delicious meals using Sous Vide cooking techniques to ensure perfectly cooked results every time.

Delivery to your door.

Delivered to your door.

We hire local restaurant employees and drivers to prepare and deliver your meals on the day and time of your choosing.

One pot. One pan. 15 minutes.

15 minutes.... 
One pot. One pan.

Easily reheat TwoPlates meals to a restaurant-quality result at your convenience in your home.

Great Dishes, Great Deeds.

Great Dishes,
Great Deeds.

Proceeds from your order help fund meals for economically vulnerable families and individuals in your community.

When you place an order with us you help strengthen your community

Local restaurants

We partner with local restaurants to keep their business thriving.

5.5 million people lost their job in the restaurant industry in April 2020 alone.

You help get them back to work in our kitchens and with our delivery service.

Kitchen staff working together
Feeding underserved communities

Your generosity, along with grants from local foundations, helps fund meals for those in underserved communities in your area.

How can we help?

Ask us a question or connect to become a community partner.

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